Jeff Robson is now a proud to say he has a place on the advisory committee for the Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation! The Advisory Committee on Entrepreneurship Innovation (ACEI) is responsible for actively identifying opportunities for the University of Calgary to encourage and improve academic entrepreneurship, technology transfer and innovation. 


ACEI is co-chaired by Dr. Frank Maurer, AVP Research and Kimberley Neutens, Director, Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation and is advisory to Dr. Ed McCauley, VP Research.  ACEI is comprised of faculty from across our campuses, industry representatives and professional staff.

Jeff is excited to be able to be a part of the ACEI as bolstering and mentoring young entrepreneurs is a passion of his. If you would like to read more about what exciting things the centre is doing, click the link below.

For more information on ACEI, click below:


The Committee as a whole and three key sub-committees engaged in conversations internally and externally to develop strategic recommendations to encourage and improve entrepreneurship and innovation on the University of Calgary campus. In the final recommendations document, the ACEI focused on the following areas for enhancement and engagement to become a more entrepreneurial university:

  • introducing innovative academic options for all undergraduate and graduate students;
  • instituting comprehensive mentorship, professional development & training options for students, faculty, postdocs and staff;
  • extending our partnerships, networks and activities with industry and the community;
  • creating clear pathways and competitive policies for the translation and commercialization of student, staff and faculty intellectual property;
  • building a robust technology and expertise transfer pipeline; and
  • creating an infrastructure and culture that encourages, supports, recognizes and rewards entrepreneurial thinking.

The university will review the recommendations and implement as appropriate in the coming years, in order to develop a more entrepreneurial culture on campus.