PinPoint seismic source enables Ultra-High Density seismic imaging of oil sands targets while nearly eliminating impact on boreal woodland caribou.

CNW Group/Explor

Tracks on a near-zero impact seismic line in the oil sands region.

CNW Group/Explor

Explor successfully launches a new seismic acquisition tool, PinPoint. This new technology achieves near zero environmental footprint from seismic acquisition operations.

CALGARY, April 6, 2017 /CNW/ – Explor Geophysical Ltd. (“Explor”) has completed three seismic field trials of its PinPoint technology, confirming commercial viability for imaging geological targets in the oil sands region.  PinPoint technology produced seismic images with 2D trace densities of over 200,000 traces per linear kilometer, laying the groundwork for 3D trace densities in excess of 10 million per km2.

While typical seismic projects in the oil sands region have 2.75-metre-wide seismic lines spaced 40 to 80 metres apart to accommodate off-road equipment, the PinPoint method requires only a walking trail.  Thus, the Alberta Energy Regulator granted approval to test the PinPoint method through a riparian area where other seismic sources are not permitted, eliminating key gaps in seismic data coverage.  This enhances imaging of caprock and the reservoir, key deliverables of seismic imaging for SAGD projects.

“The PinPoint method enhances our ability to acquire outstanding images of the subsurface using near-zero line widths thereby nearly eliminating the impact of seismic operations on boreal woodland caribou in the greater Athabasca Oil Sands region. We have worked hard for several years to develop this innovative technology and these tests confirm that we are on track to deliver extraordinary outcomes for our clients.” – Allan Châtenay, President, Explor

These PinPoint tests follow a series of 3D projects in which Explor demonstrated the value of high trace densities by attaining 1.25 million to over 5 million traces per square kilometer, successfully imaging previously unseen geological features while reducing environmental impact.

About Explor:

Explor is a privately held Canadian company that acquires high quality geophysical data with minimal environmental impact.  Explor employs a team of qualified scientists across a range of scientific disciplines as well as project teams and logistics experts to accomplish its objectives through a rigorous continuous improvement process.  Explor specializes in challenging and extraordinary projects.


For further information: Allan Châtenay at 403-263-5950 or email at Explor can also be found at and on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook.