Vada Capital is pleased to announce the strategic merger between their portfolio company, Renegade Oilfield Construction and Align Energy Services. This business combination will allow both companies to maximize the potential of their people, assets, logistics, and processes.

This is a partnership of two highly compatible oilfield service companies who hold similar values and philosophies on doing business. Management from both companies are very excited about this new relationship and view the transaction as a benefit to both their employees and their clients. This partnership is expected to strengthen their collective position in the oilfield service market, resulting in greater operational efficiencies and significantly increase market share.

Renegade Oilfield Construction is an oilfield service company headquartered in Redcliff, Alberta and Kindersley Saskatchewan. Renegade provides fully-integrated pipeline and facility construction services to a diverse group of customers ranging from Calgary to Medicine Hat. Renegade’s quality of service is what has set them apart from their competition and they look forward to continuing this high level of operational excellence going forward.

Align Energy Services is an oilfield service company headquartered in Brooks, Alberta. Align provides pipeline and facility construction services both within Alberta and Saskatchewan. Align’s goal is to supply all current and future clients with the most experienced and qualified personnel available within the industry on each project that they complete.

We look forward to an exciting and prosperous future ahead for the combined businesses of Renegade Oilfield Construction Ltd and Align Energy Services.

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