About Vada Capital.

Vada Capital is an independent, family-backed private equity firm that partners with passionate management teams to achieve growth.

Established in 2001, Vada Capital was founded by Val & Dave Robson. Dave was the former chairman & CEO of Veritas DGC Inc. a multinational geophysical company. Vada is led by Jeff Robson and is comprised of a diverse team of professionals with wide-ranging backgrounds in operations and finance. Each member of our team brings specific skillsets and experience in both public and private entities.

Vada prides itself on its strong values paired with innovative strategic planning, financial discipline, resulting in exceptional partner relationships.

From Our Founder

I firmly believe a company is more than the sum of its employees and parts.  A company represents synergy among a strong and dedicated community of people. Likewise all great companies are grounded by a corporate culture that is rooted in every person, process or plan within the organization. In order to assure our success in the future, we need a collective understanding of the philosophies, principles and core values that make up this foundation.

Early in my career, I focused my energy on building a great company. It did not happen overnight, it was a learning experience that found success through trial and error. With that said, I developed the key principals I believe will ensure a great corporate culture – one that sustains itself for the betterment of all.  Time tested and true, these principles became the foundation of our success at Veritas and will continue to ensure the success of Vada Capital today and in the future.”