Why Work with Vada?

Founded in 2001 by Val and Dave Robson, Vada Capital is a private equity firm with a unique approach: Find the people with the passion and skill to make a great company, and the process of building success will be that much easier. Vada provides not only financial equity to their partnerships but also expertise and personnel to assist organizations in realizing their full potential. Jeff Robson, CEO and President of Vada believes that a great team is integral to the success of a company.

“Passionate individuals overcome adversity and have a drive for excellence,” says Robson, “At Vada, we look for partnerships with people who are ethical about their work, we help mold and shape their strategies, and create a clear plan with the ability to pivot if needed.”

By investing in the human capital of an organization in addition to the financial aspect, Vada ensures continuity and productivity beyond their period of investment in a company.

Geoff Moser, General Manager at Renegade Oilfield Services has worked with Vada since Renegade was acquired in 2012.

“If you’re looking for a straight capital injection, it is probably not the best fit,” comments Moser, “If however, you’re looking for a partner who will elevate your game as a business person, I would definitely recommend Vada.”

Caltrax Railway Inc. (formerly PDS Railcar Services) is a prime example of an organization that thrived under the guidance of Vada. Acquired in 2002, Caltrax worked with Vada for 15 years, during which an intensive management changeover took place. By 2006 Vada had brought in Al Tymensen, VP Finance, and Derek Kissick, Executive VP Railcar Operation, to invigorate processes at Caltrax. By 2017, Caltrax was thriving and an acquisition deal was struck with CAD Industries.

“From the start through to the closing sale of Caltrax, Vada is like a family,” says Tymensen, “You’re in it together, they’re direct and they hold you accountable.”

“The focus on accountability and challenging traditional thinking, keeps everyone doing their best,” Kissick says, commenting on his experience, “Vada really helps to define the vision for their partners, and then provide the support needed to develop that vision.”

Allan Chatenay is President of Explor, an innovative seismic exploration company that partnered with Vada when one of the partners at Explor was looking for a buyout. Chatenay praises Vada’s fiscal management expertise and appreciates that Vada brought an increased measure of discipline to the financial aspect of his company.

“Vada provided assistance in cash flow management, expenditures and forecasting in a difficult market, helping Explor find strong strategic direction.”

In addition to the many partner success stories, the internal team at Vada Capital enjoys a family atmosphere as well. Camille McBean is a business analyst with the organization, having started full time after a period as an intern with the company. Her experience during the internship prompted her to come back after graduation. McBean feels valued, knowing the team truly cares about her well being, and she appreciates that everyone has an open door policy, working together to create the best environment for success.

Vada operates on three pillars of expertise: Unlock potential, be a value-add partner and support sustainable success. These pillars apply to both their own company and those they partner with. Each of the three pillars is intrinsically linked with the other two. By encouraging a supportive environment within the company, those individuals working at Vada are confident and take pride in their work. In turn, individuals at Vada bring human capital support and performance value to the partnerships established by Vada. By maximizing the potential of both their internal members as well as that of their partnerships, Vada is able to support longer-term success for themselves and their partners.

“We use a win-win-win strategy at Vada,” says Managing Director Lark Richardson,” We want to do what is good for owners, good for us, and good for our employees.”